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Galleries > MBC Cast Dinner - Sat 5 Dec 09



Setting the tone of the evening, as a leading mentor within the cast for the young impressionable cast members ... why, it's Adam, showing Alex, obviously discussing viticulture and wine appreciation ...


Adam explains the finer points of character dancing to Alex, whilst young Jesse looks on admiringly.


Ahh, shared moments of rehearsal today! Jesse's only got as far as sniffing the wine ... and yes Alex, it's always good to have clean teeth, even if you need to use chopsticks instead of a toothpi...


Happy times with Rani, Simone, Ellie and Jesse - practically the United Nations of the MBC, in the neutral territory of Vietnamese restaurant, Thy Thy in Richmond.


Rachel and Lauren taking full advantage of time away from home to explore, well .........


All smiles here, with Sharon and Mikhael!


"Now Jess, you know when you were positioned towards the front, I need your hand placement slightly inwards, whilst your left foot needs to be pointed in this direction, like mine right now ... I know...


Detail of Project Six: Moment of Inertia's pas de deux.


The marvellous Thy Thy!

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