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In a town still rebuilding, in a community still recovering, Melbourne Ballet Company was humbled by the opportunity to create some moments of inspiration for the people of the small town of Marysvill...


The tragic bushfires destroyed nearly 400 homes in Marysville alone, and took many lives. It left the town with few resources or buildings. Reconstruction has been a steady progress, but amongst this ...


This was an event perhaps a defining moment for Marysville, with Melbourne Ballet Company's contemporary artistry at its classic best, with style and grace.


The venue was a purpose-built environment, with Marysville Lions Club providing the marquee, and technical production elements from Harry the Hirer, Stage House and Theatricalities (Harlequin Floors).


Amongst the calm and beauty of this little town, the presence of the event was unavoidable.


But it didn't matter, because the whole town was coming.


Once complete, Marysville's performing arts theatre was ready for the Melbourne Ballet Company. Stepping on the stage floor in rehearsal, Melbourne Ballet Company cast were watched closely by a bev...


Marysville's recovery from the tragedy of the bushfires in February 2009 has seen regrowth across its landscape. This applies to the land, the town, the community and the people of this wonderful town...

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