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We expect this to be an extraordinary new Melbourne Ballet Company (MBC) season – comprising two triple bills as well as a full-length new narrative program, together with two already well-received programs from our repertoire.

Next year’s Intention and Desire program, created by Resident Choreographer Simon Hoy, will also feature no less than seven new works from some of Australia’s foremost new dance makers, including Timothy Harbour, Lucas Jervies, Rani Luther, Timothy Podesta, MBC dancer Alexander Baden-Bryce, as well as the work of director Simon Hoy. This season will also include guest dancers Paul Knobloch and Leonardo Laurent Mancuso.

This whole new Melbourne Season can be envisaged as a trilogy, embodying some quite unique creative expression together with much choreographic diversity. Each individual program is motivated by the central theme and outcome so that each successive program adds a new chapter to the overarching new season concept - Intention and Desire. While individual programs stand alone, they can also be seen as components of this overall theme.

In 2016, the Company will also tour Divenire and Archè throughout Australia and New Zealand – and will present over 30 performances and some 50 dance workshops during this period.

About Intention and Desire

The first part of this new trilogy explores the concept of illusion vs reality in Veil of Maya. The Veil has been described as a frightening illusion which can obscure human perception of reality - what exists and what does not.

For many who believe that in human love we find completeness – such a delusion is regrettable – blinding men into falling in love. The opening ‘volume’ of the trilogy is Intention and Desire which presents us a reflection of a distorted world clouded by disturbing shadows.

In the second ‘part’ of this trilogy we explore the concept of Empyrean: the outer sky, closest to purity, a source of unconditional love. In stark contrast to the first part of the trilogy, our second program Empyrean describes a world reigned over by harmony and light, and surrounds us with a feeling of bliss in contrast to the prior anguish of illusion.

The third program Guerica completes the trilogy using an original story inspired by Romeo and Juliet. In this finale to our series, the Veil of Maya and Empyrean join together to form a unique story, where hatred, regret, and ignorance are seen to lose the battle against a level of love that transcends human powers: a love that, despite the Veil, can reach the Empyrean!

Veil of Maya - (part 1) ...illusion over reality
Empyrean - (part 2) intellectual light full of love
Guernica - (part 3)... a story of humanity

MBC Touring in 2016

Archè - the principle from which all things arise (based on Swan Lake)
Divenire - a constantly unfolding reality

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